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We offer the following roof services

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Gutter repairs and replacements

Blocked, cracked or rusted guttering will cause water ingress into your property.

This can lead to damaging and expensive problems to the building structure.

Heritage Polyroof example.jpeg
Polyroof coverings

25 year guarantee available. Durable surface not affected by thermal changes, can be walked on for maintenance and is offered
in a wide range of colours to suit your specific needs.

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Preventative maintenance

A preventive maintenance plan is an investment for the future.

Slate roofs
Heritage Roofing Slate roof and leading

Do you have slipped slates or need a full replacement roof, our team are experienced slaters, offering you the best quality repair and reusing existing slates whenever possible. 


The majority of slate roof decay is relating
to the battens and nail fatigue. If you are noticing slipped slates its likely the slate
itself is still very good but the nails used for the original work have failed.  Quick action
at this point can save thousands of pounds and means your roof maintains the
character of the original and has many service years ahead.

Flat roofs
Heritage-Roofing-Building Feltroofs

We are flat roof specialists who can install a flat roof to your specifications.


Heritage Roofing Leadwork

We take on lead work roofing projects of all shapes and sizes.

professional roofer applying bitumen roll on flat roof with a gas burner at a modern const
Hot torched felt

Hot torched felt.  Do you have a flat roof garage, bay window, or industrial unit with a failing roof covering?  We can offer a like for like replacement of this covering and at the same time provide you with a quote for a longer-lasting alternative with our
Poly roof system.  


Hot torched felt has an average life span of 10yrs before it starts to degrade and absorb water.  If you need to access this roof area for window cleaning, maintenance etc.  It may be worth considering the Poly roof option.

Heritage Roofing gutter repair
Tiled roof repairs

Do you have slipped, damaged or broken roof tiles?  Properties constructed prior to 1960 generally have a clay tile or slate roof covering, these have very long life spans and repairs are generally related to failure of the fixings rather than the covering itself. 


During the 1960's concrete roofing products took over the construction of new buildings, concrete tiles have an infinite life span of as little 30 to 40 yrs, whilst they deteriorate they absorb water and are more vulnerable to frost damage and in most cases require complete replacement. Adding coating to the existing tiles, is often offered but its a short term fix and will only extend the life of the tile by 5 yrs at most (something we don't offer).

Heritage Roofing new roof
Re-roofing and roof repairs

We can perform common repairs to roofs to extend their lifespan and ensure minor issues do not become worse.

Industrial roofing

Do you own or manage a commercial building?  Looking after the roof is vital for the continuity of your operations, we can offer a range of repair solutions for every
type of roof covering and rainwater dispersal system.  From an emergency repair to a
full upgrade. 

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Fascia and soffit installations and repairs

Please get in touch for details.

Listed building repair

We are proud to repair and replace the roofs of listed buildings and restore them to their former glory.

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